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Simple, Fast and Accurate

T4D™ enables the rapid configuration and detailing of pressure equipment and storage tanks automating the generation of 3D geometry models, elevation and layout drawings, fabrication and assembly drawings, production component lists and bill of material.
It offers advanced tool for the accurate production of 3D digital prototype and workshop drawings deliverables of pressure vessels or any type of equipment.
Without and need for third party application, T4D™ delivers significant time savings over existing 3D/2D CAD modeling and drafting methods while reduces errors and engineering time using automated input forms.

Easy-to-use User Interface

Through the easy-to-use graphical interface, a complete design can be
configured and detailed in less than one hour including the automatic generation of 3D geometry with production details, to-scale drawings and bill of material reports. The configuration and layout of the vessel components is facilitated through intuitive user interface created specifically for vessel design. A user can quickly select the appropriate types and dimensions for the heads, shells, support system, nozzles, and other internal as well as external features. Fabrication details for shell courses, plate sizes, edge preparations, weld types, and other production details are quickly and easily added to the model. Utilities
are provided to inspect the details on the 3D geometry, edit the drawings,
export the bill of material, and many other functionalities to facilitate rapid
updates of design changes.


TECHLA4D™ is based on Autodesk Inventor® 3D modelling kernel.Due to that fact there is NO LIMITATION related what you can design using our solution. If you wan to use iLogic code to define your custom made components there is no problem - You can add your own code.
If you require BIM Exchange there is no limitations - it is available.
Supported Translators:
CATIA, SolidWorks, Parasolid, Rhino, JT Open and more...

T4D is providing you ability to translate implemented components user interface to ANY LOCAL LANGUAGE as per your requirements


TECHLA4D™ was designed by engineers and CAD designers to maximize efficiency, and cut design time.
By leveraging Inventor® 3D kernel as our robust and feature platform, we have the ability to exclusively work on features related to improving TECHLA4D™, while providing you with the standard platform features you can count on.
Consistency in design output is important. Feel free to use your existing DWG templates, title blocks and drawing standards. Your existing blocks can also be used to define your elements or assemblies. 

Component Pallete 

More than 60 implemented components and more than 160 supporting parts and assemblies will give you opportunity to define and design what ever type of vessel heat exchanger, column or API 650/652 tank you require. 
And this is not the end. New components are added on daily basis.




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